This is a super great book that was recommended to me by one of my mentors, Brooke Castillo. In a recent podcast of hers, she talked about how most of us use approximately the same 10,000 words in our vocabulary. When it comes to emotions, many of us don’t even know the words to use to describe what we’re feeling.

This book is just what it says – a dictionary of all types of emotions. By learning the names of different emotions, we learn how to express ourselves better and more specifically name what we are feeling.

Naming emotions gives us a sense of power and control over the emotions. Instead of burying, stuffing, ignoring, or numbing them, we can acknowledge them and allow them to be. When we try to dismiss them, we are guaranteed that they will pop up again.

One of my goals this year is to incorporate more descriptive emotional words in my vocabulary. I want to also learn more emotional words that I can share with my clients as they explore their journey to better emotional health.

As part of this plan, I will be regularly posting a short list of selected words and their definitions so we can all expand our emotional intelligence.

Here are 6 awesome emotions to start with!

(Can you find ways to use these words in your day this week?)

  • Effervescent – Excited and enthusiastic
  • Frazzled – Exhausted and worn out.
  • Insolent – Rude and disrespectful
  • Pacified – Experiencing peace and goodwill, usually from the positive actions of someone or something; appeased
  • Restive – Especially under restriction or delay
  • Unfettered – Free from restraint; unbound

If you’re interested in your own copy of this book, you can find it here on Amazon.

And if you need help knowing how to deal with your emotions, especially when it comes to emotionally eating, I’m your person! Shoot me a message and we can schedule a FREE consultation session where we can start looking at what your goals are and how I can best help you!

Have an effervescent day everyone!



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