This is what my awesome teenage son made for dessert for us last night.

Problem was, he also made this dessert for my husband for a church function. Yep. More brownies!

AND they didn’t eat many brownies at the church function because someone else brought cake….

… which also ended up at my house after. However, after the cake was sliced and put on plates and brought home, it looked more like this…

… which wasn’t so tempting.

However, THE BROWNIES WERE EVERYWHERE!!! Yes, lots and lots of brownies.

I love this meme…

It feels so true, right?

Just as you’re about to start something new, your resolve is strong, and you’re sure you’ll be a success… THERE ARE BROWNIES!!!

Here are my tips for avoiding the food that is tempting you, calling you, and wants you to love it!

  1. If you love it and must have it, wrap up an individual piece and freeze it for later. Just because you want it now doesn’t mean you eat it now. You can eat it when you’ve planned for it and feel like it. You tell yourself –
  • I am not eating this tonight. I am not planning on eating this tomorrow. I might eat it after that. I’ll see. (Keep saying this to yourself every day)
  • I don’t/choose not to eat after 6:00 pm.
  • I don’t/choose not to eat sugar/flour/chocolate/candy, etc.
  • This is NOT MY FOOD. This is poison to me.

  1. Drink, drink, drink! This was my coping strategy last night… It has Crio Bru in it. After that, it had my favorite herbal teas in it.

Having something to hold, sip on, and fill yourself with is calming and soothing. Especially if it’s a warm drink and what you’re really looking for is comfort.

(If you haven’t had Crio Bru, you’re in for a real treat! is where you’ll find it on Amazon. It’s ground cocoa beans. Add a pinch of salt and splash of cream and it’s heavenly!)

  1. Don’t dwell on it. If you sit and look at the brownies, touch the brownies, smell the brownies, lust after the brownies, imagine yourself eating the brownies, you’ll CAVE. Think about other things. Go clean something. Read a book. Walk outside. Ponder on life’s many other complexities. But don’t allow yourself to obsess over the brownies! Imagine they have hair or dog food or spit in them. That also will help keep you from thinking about them!
  2. Clean the treats up (or have someone else clean them up) then out of sight and out of mind. Stay out of the kitchen. You can use the 24 hour treat rule if you have family members. The 24 hour treat rule is: treats are allowed to be in the house for 24 hours. After that they get thrown away. Need to make it a 1 hour treat rule? DONE! You’re the boss! Do what you want!
  3. ******YOU ARE NOT A GARBAGE DISPOSAL!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROCESS ALL THE FOOD BEFORE IT GOES DOWN A DRAIN! No starving kid in Africa, China, Ethiopia, or any other place is going to have their life bettered because you ate a brownie for them.*******

You will NEVER go to bed regretting passing up the food that will make you sick. Going to bed with a clean conscience feels great. In fact, it feels better than great! It feels INCREDIBLE!!! It is worth enduring a little discomfort for a little while to feel so good.

If you need some help handling the temptations of food everywhere, I’ve got you covered! Message me to schedule your free session!

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