Have any of you seen the movie clip going around on social media? It’s of this little girl trying to jump on this stool. (It’s about one minute – watch it!)


The video shows her trying and falling. Some of those falls look like they HURT! I counted the attempts filmed. 10 times. And those are only the attempts that were filmed.

I love this video and re-posted it on my Facebook page earlier this week. Little did I know that today I’d have a major “try to jump on the stool and fall hard” day.

I’ve been working on the requirements for my International Coaching Federation ACC certification. It’s been months and months of hard work. It’s been a lot of classes and schooling. It’s been well over a hundred hours of coaching practice. It will be a difficult exam. It’s been trying and trying to become a better coach and implementing everything I’ve learned. I’ve been submitting recorded calls to my mentor. She listens and gives me amazing and insightful feedback. I’ve learned from her so many important skills that I’ve needed to improve on. Every time I submit a call, I mentally ready myself to hear the next area of improvement for me to work on.

This last submission, I thought I had it. I had worked really hard to hit all the 13 areas I’m expected to be proficient in. I felt good about the call. I celebrated!

Today when my mentor and I chatted, she played back a 2 minute section of the call where I made a pretty big mistake. She felt so bad! She knows how hard I’ve worked to get this right. But I need to redo the call. I need to have it a little more refined before I can submit it for final review from the ICF.

I cried. I sat in my bed and pulled up the covers and closed my eyes and felt discouraged and sad. My self talk sounded like this…

  • “Will anyone even care if I have an ACC at the end of my name?”
  • “Are any of my classmates still trying?”
  • “Why am I even still trying?”
  • “I may never be able to get this good enough to pass.”
  • “Maybe I should just give up.”

I told my husband I had been humbled again today. He told me it was National Be Humble day.

Dang it!

I guess it’s my chance to make myself throw off my covers, get out of bed, and face the day.

I won’t give up. Maybe no one else cares if I complete this certification.

But I care.

I am not a quitter.

I will once again dust off my my big girl purple stretch pants (what I’m wearing today) and refocus, readjust, relearn, and retry.

Too bad it hurts so much. And it’s okay if it hurts today. Bruises can last a day or two. Then they heal and you forget about them and move on.

I set out on this journey wanting to do this LIFE coaching the right way. I am not a self titled coach. I am a trained and schooled coach who will continue to learn and fail and learn and fail and learn.

That’s what I have to do to improve and be the best I can be.

That’s how I will change lives.

That’s how I will best be able to serve people.

Is it super hard work? Heck YES!

But I will keep moving forward. Keep jumping. One more try. One more step. One more attempt.

I can and will succeed!

(And incidentally, it’s also sweet potato day. Anyone up for some sweet potato humble pie?) Ha ha!

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