It’s so good to have you all here!

I have had a long and difficult journey with my health. My weight and relationship with food has been an issue since I was young. It has taken me a long time to find a path and direction to a better relationship with food.

I LOVE learning the brain science behind it all and why we do the things we do. It’s taught me a lot about my brain and helped me realize that I am NOT broken. There is nothing wrong with me. In fact, it’s my imperfections and my difficult path that has made me who I am today.

I am SO grateful for those struggles. How blessed I have felt to be able to learn and grow so much. I can help others along their path because I’ve walked down a similar paths. I can empathize and understand.

When I began having thoughts of being a life and health coach, I put them off a long time. I was comfortable working for an international weight loss company as a leader and area coordinator. It was safe to be able to follow what they told me and do what they said I needed to do.

Finally, I accepted that what I was feeling was real and where I needed to be in my life. I enrolled in an internationally accredited Life and Health coach school. I started reading and inhaling and listening and loving all kinds of books and information. I wanted to be the best informed and researched life coach out there.

The more that I learned I realized that my future could not go on with the company that I had believed in and been a part of for nearly a decade. It was time to be on my own and forge my own path ahead.

And I haven’t looked back. I love being independent and my own person. I can teach and help people the way I feel is best, not the way that will benefit the bottom dollar of someone else.

This is who I am and what has made me who I am. Come along for the ride! Subscribe to my emails and be a part of the journey as you find your own path to the best version of you!

With love,