Question: Do you have to love your food to eat it? 

Where does loving your food and food neutrality come together?

Food and the brain are fascinating topics. Instead of being frustrated with my brain’s relationship with food, I’ve decided to become curious. Why does my brain want this or that? Why is it craving a specific food? What makes my tastes different from someone else’s tastes? How much is taste and preference inherited and how much is learned?

We could go on and on with these topics. We live in a society where we are taught through images all around us that food is to be loved. It is a source of joy. It brings happiness and satisfaction. It makes us happy.

Society is wrong. These teachings are a lie!

Food isn’t true and lasting happiness. It doesn’t bring joy. It is a temporary type of satisfaction, but not anything lasting. You eat food, it is digested, it is turned into waste.

Real joy, happiness, love, and satisfaction comes from things that last. Family, friends, nature, hobbies, creativity, talents, service, God, work, and learning are just a few of the areas in our life that gives us quality of life.

Advertisers, food scientists, corporations, and marketers have the job of convincing us otherwise. They convince us that food is not just nourishment. Food is THE event.

Truth: I’m here to tell you that food is fuel for your body. That’s it. It’s nothing more than that. It is not an event. It is the far off sideshow that keeps us alive.

I believe that our attitude about food is the difference between healthy people and unhealthy people. When food becomes the center and focus of your life, your life is thrown off balance. Things that should be bringing you joy in your life are diminished and sometimes even forgotten. When we remove food from our life as our main focus, these other joys come back into focus again.

But it’s scary! It’s scary because we’ve forgotten what that feels like! Food clouds our minds and prevents us from remembering what life was like before our addictions.

So, lets go back to our original questions – Do you have to love food to eat it? What is food neutrality?

If food is fuel and not the main focus of your life then it doesn’t really matter how much you love it. You may think it’s good, has a good taste, and looks beautiful. But it’s just food. Only food. You eat it and then you’re done.

Food neutrality is when you are eating to live instead of living to eat. It’s a very peaceful place to be. Food doesn’t evoke emotion. It opens your brain for possibilities and thoughts and ideas. It’s just food.

Do I enjoy eating, YES! However, I am striving to keep my brain focused on things that really matter. I’ll eat and drink and fuel my body. But food doesn’t serve my body when I’m overeating and indulging. When I do overeat and indulge I’m allowing food to take more space in my brain than is needed.

It’s not a perfect process and will take a lot of time and brain work to discover and work on other areas in your life. But it’s so worth it. For so many of us we don’t understand how someone could just “forget” to eat or get started on something and not think about what we’re eating next. It’s awesome! Trust me, I’ve been on both sides and food neutrality is the better place to be.

If you need help getting there, I offer a free introduction coaching session to get you started! Lets build your new healthy life together that’s filled with new ideas and TRUE joy and happiness!


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