I’m Diane Passey

Your personal Life and Wellness coach

CCA certified LIFE and Wellness coach, ICF ACC Life Coach certification

I help you build healthy habits, learn how to handle emotions in a positive way, and create a healthy lifestyle you can maintain!

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

You'll be a great fit for coaching if you can answer YES to these statements

  1. I want to have a happier more fulfilling life.

  2. I am open to new ideas and concepts.

  3. I am willing to work to change my limiting beliefs.

  4. I know I am responsible for my own behavior and actions.

  5. I want amazing results!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential  and Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

  • What would you be willing to try if you knew you couldn’t fail? 
  • What is your true identity?
  • How do you envision your life in 5 or 10 years from now? 
  • What are your limiting beliefs and how can you change them? 

Set small, reasonable, achievable goals using proven methods to help you achieve them.

Get the accountability you need to be successful.

Learn tools to help you succeed in other areas of your life

Exclusive access to individual coaching when you need need it.

Diane’s program Brighter Horizons Food Freedom was just what I needed!

Having my sixth daughter at 38 my body was not responding to weight loss like it had in the past. I was eating well working out five to six days a week and not progressing. With Diane’s program I feel like I’m on the right path for me.

She helped me realize how much emotions were playing into my eating process daily. And gave me tools to address the problem which was what I was looking for and didn’t even realize. Now my husband is going to give a try. She helped me see how much easier it is to give up the flour and sugar.  But still allow myself a “joy eat” now and again. It’s a very balanced way of approaching food.


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